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Good Health Begins from Within

When a health concern becomes chronic, it forces us to begin to look within ourselves. We are confronted with the possibility that it may never go away, or that it may arise within us once more as it is always coming and going. What are the emotions that arise when we feel ill? Is there a sense of vulnerability or fear? Do we revert to the child within us, the teenager, or young adult? Do we face our mistakes and choices we’ve made in the past that may have contributed to our current health?

These questions that arise are a valuable tool for each of us to consider when dealing with our personal health. It is not often that we are forced to look deep inside ourselves for these answers. Is it possible that the chronic health conditions we experience are there as a warning sign to do just that? Chinese medicine carries a truth that each organ system is related to a specific array of emotions. The chronic health conditions we experience are deeply interconnected to these emotions. The condition itself is simply the branches on the tree of energy, in which the roots are dug deep in our psychological condition. Our health conditions can be viewed as an opportunity in which we are forced to get in touch with the deepest parts of ourselves. Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be an excellent tool for those that are interested in taking on this journey of self, as well as aiding in the relief of the chronic disharmony you may be experiencing.

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