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Community Acupuncture as Another Path to Wellness

Community: a small or large unit of living things that have something in common.  In this case, it is the desire to heal, be well, or simply prevent unwanted illness and disharmony in the body. 

Community Acupuncture: a wonderful way to connect with others who are also on their path to wellness.  It is a path to connect with yourself, your friends, family, neighbors and even your local acupuncturists.  Many of us don’t think of healing as a social act, like going out to dinner with friends or movie night with the family.  Too often healing is a private act, one in which we lack social support.  Studies often show that strong social support networks help to decrease stress levels, improve your health and decrease mortality risks.  The mayo clinic suggests that social support may even help with the following…

- Improving the ability to cope with stressful situations

- Alleviating the effects of emotional distress

- Promoting lifelong good mental health

- Enhancing self-esteem

- Lowering cardiovascular risks, such as lowering blood pressure

- Promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors - Encouraging adherence to a treatment plan

If I haven’t convinced you that a social network is one key to successful health, why not consider the cost!  Community acupuncture allows for more affordable healthcare.  At less than half the cost of private sessions, community acupuncture offers the ability to come once or twice a week if needed.  Private sessions typically cost anywhere from $75 to $120 per hour, while a community setting can be as low as $25 - 35!

Not sure what to expect during your visit?  Many people are reluctant to share their health information out in the open with others who may be listening.  This is not the case. Each health history intake is private, to ensure your information is kept within the privacy laws of the HIPAA act.  Your treatment is, however, typically in an open room where others are also receiving.  Community acupuncture settings vary from setting to setting.  All strive to provide peace of mind, a relaxing atmosphere and the desire to bring your body into a healthy, harmonious state.

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