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Natural Herbs
Medicinal Herb

Herbal medicine is a wonderful addition to any acupuncture treatment, or as a service on it's own.  Herbal treatments are integral to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and have been for nearly 5000 years.  Each herbal formula is given to fit a pattern of disharmony that a patient may be presenting at the time of their visit. Before each formula can be administered, a comprehensive exam must be done to evaluate the type of herbs to be given.  This includes patient health history, presenting signs and symptoms, and tongue / pulse diagnoses.  Chinese medicine has the ability to treat the root source of a patient's complaint, treating the mind, body and it's presenting disharmonies as a whole.   As a result, the patient may begin to notice not only are they healing from their initial complaint, but may also notice other bodily functions are beginning to take a much healthier form and function.


Herbal formulas come in several forms.  The patient has the choice of patent pills which are pre-made to fit a general health pattern, granuals that are in a powder form, to be mixed with water and taken as a tea, or raw form, which is the herb in it's natural state prior to being turned into a pill or powder, also to be decocted and taken as a tea.  Each form has it's advantages and disadvantages, ranging from cost, convenience and efficacy. 

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