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Acupuncture for the Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is officially upon us as we enter into the winter months. As we all know too well, having a cold or flu can deplete our energy reserves resulting in a disruption in our daily routines. Too often we find ourselves with little options for treatment and a speedy recovery. Thankfully we have Chinese medicine on our side! 

When should I visit my acupuncturist?

Many do not realize that the first sign of a cold or flu is the perfect time to see your acupuncturist. There are many tools to effectively treat the runny noses, the hacking coughs and all the many aches and pains that come with the joys of having a cold.  Some of these include acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine. The earlier you receive treatment, the better your results will be. Typically, 1 or 2 treatments, and a week’s worth of the appropriate herbal formula will aid in a fast recovery time.

How do these herbs work?

Chinese herbs contain anti-viral and antibacterial properties to help combat the cold and flu bugs. They are prescribed the same way a doctor would prescribe antibiotics.  The herbal formulas typically have a diaphoretic effect to help move the cold or flu bugs out of the body quickly. They help to reduce inflammation and combat infections effectively.

Acupuncture boosts the immune system.

Receiving acupuncture on a weekly or biweekly basis helps to boost the immune system, strengthening the energetic protective shield that prevents viruses and bacteria from invading your body. Acupuncture as a preventative medicine for not only colds and flues, but also many other internal dis-harmonies that come with the aging process.

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