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Visualization is the First Step To a Healthier You

As I connect with each patient's health needs, I have begun to recognize several repeating themes that affect us all as healthy individuals.  The most common is the desire to feel healthy.  To "feel healthy" means something different to each of us.  We all have different levels of health that we are working on.  Our general constitution plays a role, but its the journey we have taken through life that has brought us to how we feel in our body at this very moment. 

So the question is, "What would it look and feel like to you if you were at your healthiest version of self?"

It is important to ask yourself this simple question, in order to know where you want to be along your health journey.  An example may be the grandmother who's back pain prevents her from playing with her grandchildren or golfing with her husband.  She may begin to visualize a pain free day where she is able to play hide and seek with the little ones, or a beautiful summer day on the golf course in a foreign country.  She may even begin to feel sensations of lightness and ease as she moves through her day, where she would normally feel constriction and pain.

Once you have established an idea and a vision of what a healthier version of you looks like, hold this image in your mind for several minutes.  Begin to create a daily meditation practice where you visualize your ideal health.  The most important part of this journey, is to never dwell on the fact that you do not feel the way you desire at this very moment.  This will defeat the purpose, and will only bring you back to the undesired sensations you are so ready to be rid of. 

With time, it is my hope that this technique will begin to move you in the right direction.  Stay tuned for step 2 towards a healthier you!


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