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Are you trying to conceive naturally
or looking for ways to assist
you in your reproductive
health journey?

Let acupuncture help by regulating your hormones, calming your mind and relaxing your body during your time of need.

What do we Treat?

At Healthy Constellations Acupuncture we specialize in women's reproductive health. This includes womb health, PCOS, treatment of STI symptoms, infertility, pre-natal and post-natal, pre-menstrual symptoms, and the journey through menopause.

Acupuncture is such a powerful tool for healing, and offers many benefits other than reproductive health. We also treat health complaints related to pain, inflammation, digestive disorders, headaches, emotional disharmony and general wellness maintenance.  We find that regular treatments as a part of your health routine is beneficial in prevention and maintenance of your overall wellness.

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Lori S.
I’ve been seeing Bridget for 4+ years.  Her bedside manner, keen understanding of how the body heals and what nudges it needs to optimize paired with her very kind manner of working with me (formerly terrified of needles) has become an integral part of my self-care. Bridget listens and has the deep knowledge of biology and body systems to walk her clients through a course of healing. A session with Bridget at Healthy Constellations is restorative and relaxing. I cannot recommend her with more confidence, she’s truly tremendous and her nurturing care is a treasure to experience.

Lori S.

How it works

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Book an Appointment

The first step to healing is taking the leap and booking your first appointment.


Call or text at 773.245.3089, or book online with the link below.

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Begin Your Treatments

Your first treatment is the longest, lasting 90 minutes in duration. Here we get to know your body from head to toe, inside and out. We discuss all your concerns, hopes and dreams for your health journey. Your acupuncturist will prescribe a treatment protocol based on your current state of health.  You are on your way!

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Start Feeling Better

The healing journey has begun! You are well on your way to finding relief from your current health concerns, and with regular maintenance you are preventing future imbalances.

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How often do we think about how the food on our plate will quite literally become a part of us?

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Are you ready to start feeling

like you have control of

your health?

We are here to guide you towards

health and wellness.

Opening Hours

Sun - Mon.



11am - 7pm




11am - 7pm


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10am - 2pm

666 Dundee Rd, Suite 1201

Northbrook, IL 60062


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